The HygenX Series: Clean and Healthy Living in Any Shared Environment

Chemical-free and non-toxic, this line of cleaners is specially-formulated to be a safe choice for you, your office, your home, and any environment. Our HygenX line offers sanitizers, multi-purpose cleaning solutions, disposable headphone covers and so much more!

Search through the different HygenX series of cleaners to find the perfect product for any application. Clean digital screens, grimy cellphones, monitors, headphones, cameras, watches, jewelry, instrument panels, eyeglasses, flat-screen TVs, computers, laptops, personal electronics and more!



Remote controls, phones, touchscreens and keyboards are “germ factories” in the home. Studies show that thousands of bacteria can be on these devices, at any given time. Countertops, sinks and bathrooms also contribute to the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria.


In schools, kids share practically everything, creating a potential Petri dish of germs. Desktops, pens, pencils, sharpeners, keypads, door handles, even sporting equipment are high on the list of bacteria meters.


Maintain a sanitary, healthier workplace and prevent the spread of bacteria on all shared surfaces: desks, keyboards, door handles, countertops, sinks, monitors, touchscreens and more.


Every year, cold and flu season takes its toll on U.S. industry, sidelining workers and derailing production. Controling the spread of germs in the workplace can reduce the number of cases of flu suffered by employees.


These environments are extremely vulnerable to the spread of infections: MRSA, MSSA, E.coli and C.difficile. Minimize cross-infection by regular cleaning of all shared surfaces.


Recently, the CDC reported that a norovirus outbreak at a Washington, D.C., elementary school that sickened more than 100, may have been spread through contaminated computer equipment.


Shared computer keyboards, touchscreens and other electronic devices can all be hotbeds of bacteria and germ spreading in a library setting.

Food Service

It is essential to keep surfaces and fridges clean, wherever food is prepared, to prevent the spread of bacteria. Countertops, stovetops, chopping blocks and cutting boards are especially susceptible to bacterial growth.

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